About Us

An Astrological Educational Organization

Presenting interesting programs monthly featuring top-notch astrologers from all around the world, panel discussions of timely topics featuring professional astrologers from Tucson’s pool of world class astrologers, and round table discussions where amateur astrologers, student astrologers and novices alike contribute.


Formed August 29, 1979 and incorporated as a non-profit educational organization November 26,1980, the Tucson Astrologers’ Guild has transformed itself from a loose group of astrological enthusiasts into a community of professional, amateur, student, and novice astrologers contributing to raising community awareness of the art, craft and science of astrology in Tucson, Arizona. The guild presents an ongoing schedule of spoken word programs, workshops and playshops, panel discussions on timely topics and group discussions on astrology, its uses and benefits.

Future Goals

The Tucson Astrologers’ Guild will continue to present timely, informative and empowering teachers and programs for the benefit of the Tucson and world community. Networking with members of the spiritual, counseling and scientific communities for a cross-pollinating exchange is always part of the Guild’s purpose.

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